A Bloke Saved A Stray Kitten Only To End Up With 13 Of Them & The Footage Is Wholesome As Hell

Images of a man holding a kitten in one hand, kittens in the backseat of a car and a man bathing a kitten

In stupendous Thank God It’s Friday style, an American man was ambushed by an army of stray kittens and saved them all.

I say “ambushed” because they well and truly Trojan Horse’d his ass. What started as one kitten he spotted on the side of the road turned into three and before you could say “meow”, there was a grand total of 13 kittens swarming him.

In the extremely heartwarming video, Robert Brantley pulls over and picks up the aforementioned Trojan Horse: an impossibly small kitten.

“Look, kitty, kitty,” he said.

“He’s on the side of the road. He’s going to get killed for sure.”

While filming the baby in his hand, Robert pans across to the long grass and sees three fluffy, white soldiers.

“Someone jus—oh, no! There’s a whol—oh my gosh!” he said.

And just like that, six soldiers charged into battle. Robert was under attack.

“I can’t take you all,” he said.

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, there’s more.”

It was a Jumanji-esque stampede. They were coming at Robert from all directions, 13 kittens squeaking as they weaved in and out of his Crocs. White, tabby, bicolour — all the flavours of the feline rainbow were there.

“We got a kitten problem,” he said.

One man’s problem is another man’s dream. And I am that (wo)man.

The video ends with Robert spitting straight facts, with a phrase that truly encapsulates the situation: “Hot diggety dog”.

Hot diggety dog, indeed. Some Twitter users, understandably, went “hot diggety dog” over the cat chronicles and demanded updates, while others showed their support for the kitten whisperer himself.

Despite saying he couldn’t take all the kittens, Robert did just that and herded them into his Honda.

Him and his wife have been posting glorious updates on Instagram and TikTok ever since.

And in even more adorable news, their dog matches the kittens’ colouring.


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According to Robert, his family will be dropping some kitty-related tea soon. And until I find a swarm of stray kittens to save for myself, I will be waiting with bated breath to hear it.