Magda Szubanski Talks Marriage Equality And Coming Out On The Project

Only yesterday beloved sketch comedienne Magda Szubanski literally came out as 99.9% as gay, and 1000% in support of marriage equality.

Last night, Sharon Strzelecki appeared on The Project to expand on her Valentine’s Day statement of love for one and all, elaborating eloquently on the irrefutable importance of equality in our society, and getting just a little bit choked up when discussing the timing of her decision and the “velvet oppression’ young gay people face in society:

“I absolutely identify as gay… and it must be hard for people who don’t experience it to know what the pressures of being gay are. When you are forced into this position you almost feel that you have to choose, you just want to give of yourself.”

Szubanski’s statement of support comes the day after two separate bills to legalise same-sex marriage were submitted to federal parliament by Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt and the independent Andrew Wilkie, as well as by Labor’s Stephen Jones (not to be confused with Stephen Jones, the fabulous milliner).

The Herald reports that Sarah Hanson-Young, senator for the Australian Greens, said Szubanski’s public declaration was invaluable to the cause and testament to the fact that, as Szubanksi states, society is a consensus and a democracy and that ours is one ready to give equal rights to all:

“I am positive that next Valentine’s Day couples will be popping the question knowing that regardless of their sexuality, they have the right to marry the person they love in the country they love.” Only 364 days to go.