Magda Szubanski Shares Heartbreaking Account Of Inequality On ‘The Project’

In recent years, Australian acting icon and comedian Magda Szubanksi has also become an LGBTQI icon, after coming out publicly and then using her popular profile to try and get marriage equality in this country.

A couple of days ago she appeared on The Today Show, giving an extremely emotional interview about the postal vote that is going on right now.

I think about my childhood and the vilification and the disgust that I was on the receiving end of and all I wanted to do was bring joy. I barely made it through my childhood. I don’t want that to happen to any of these kids, and the fact that there are so many wrongs in the world that are so complicated and can’t be made right, this is a wrong that can be made right so simply if it had been passed in Parliament.

And now she has appeared on The Project, again sharing a very personal story from the LGTBQI community, tearing up as she discussed a story of a friend not being allowed into a medical situation with her partner.

“It is not just about love. It is about illness and death. That is when it really comes to the crunch.” 

Listen to the heartbreaking story in full below:

Oh yeah she also got in a sick burn on MP Christopher Pyne. What a woman.