Lynx Keeps Flogging a Dead Horse’s Balls

LYNX deodorant has released a new television commercial in response to the ban of its ball-centric Sophie Monk ad that managed to tie-in sexism, racism, profanity and unfunny testicle related jokes into three terrible minutes. And guess what you guys, the new ad delivers at about the same level of rock bottom as the original.

The premise has a faux Lynx media guy (whose voice sounds weirdly identical to Celebrity Apprentice: Australia host Mark Bouris) hosting a press conference at which he “makes no apologies for encouraging Australian men to have clean balls”, then does a repeat attempt of churning out as many woeful ball jokes as the original campaign script. It’s not clever, it’s not funny and the original ad is certainly not worth reminding audiences of.

If you’re in Lynx’s target demographic you should probably be offended. The campaign copywriters clearly think poorly of you.