Change My Mind: Lynx Actually Smells Good

There are some hills that I’m willing to die on. For example, I will always maintain that the Filet-O-Fish is underrated, Red is Taylor Swift’s worst album, and Don’t Worry Darling didn’t deserve as much flack as it got.

Another one is that I 100% back that Lynx (in particular, Lynx Africa) smells amazing. Now, I know as we’ve grown up, other, more “mature” scents have come our way. But there’s just something about Lynx Africa that’ll always entice me.

Now, I know that Lynx must’ve had a marketing budget out the wahzoo in the 2000s. But I truly believe that marketing can’t solve everything. You’ve got to have a quality product behind the madness, and honestly, that’s exactly what Lynx was/is.

Anyway, here’s an elaboration on why I think it’s great.

1. All the cool kids used Lynx Africa

I went to primary school in the late ’00s, and let me tell you, Lynx Africa ruled the hallways. Teachers would literally plead that the boys “bring a bottle of Lynx” with them in summer to help combat that sweaty classroom stench. (And it’s not just me, almost half of Australians think of high school when they get a whiff of the scent.)

More specifically, all the “cool boys” used it too — you know, the ones who had spiky hair, were tall, ran fast and wore cargo shorts to the school disco. They all sprayed Lynx Africa like they were about to cease its manufacturing.

Later on, when I went to an all-girls high school, my friends would keep bottles of the spray in their lockers to “make them smell like they’d been with boys.” Because in 2011, there was literally nothing cooler than smelling like a boy who wore Lynx Africa!!

2. Everything from the 2000s comes back again

Over the last few years, we’ve all seen things from the 2000s pop up again that we’d all sworn to death 15 years ago. But alas, baggy cargo pants, adidas tracksuits, low-rise jeans and ballet flats have all become wardrobe staples yet again.

Why? Because they actually all look really cool and nice, and we just forgot how to style them!!!

These days, in the spirit of retrospective coolness and nostalgia, I can totally imagine a whispy-moustached guy walking through Marrickville wearing jorts and Sambas, whipping out a bottle of Lynx to freshen up before heading to a rave. The entire country of Ireland literally nominated Lynx Africa as the most iconic scent of all time recently. You know what that means? Paul Mescal probably wears Lynx Africa, and no one is cooler than him.

I’m a firm believer that things don’t get popular if they suck. Some people hate on pop music because it’s overproduced, shiny, and generic. But, what they don’t realise is that it’s popular because it’s literally scientifically formulated to be the most pleasing and consonant our ears could come by. The same rule applies to Lynx!!!

Lynx Africa actually smells good. Admit it. You know it deep in your heart. It’s a cost-effective, convenient and quality product that holds up all day.

It represents the simplicity of the 2000s. While you might want to have a bottle of something nice and expensive on hand for special occasions, there’s nothing like keeping a bottle of body spray in your work bag or car for when life gets in the way, and you want to stay fresh. With an El Nino summer coming up, having anything slightly sweatproof on hand will be a bloody winner.

If this all hasn’t convinced you, maybe this will — Lynx is literally giving away $30,000 to one lucky punter who makes a TikTok video about what it feels like to wear the scent. You can read more about all that here.

So admit it, you like the smell of Lynx. It’s just iconic. GOAT status, TBH. Don’t deny yourself little pleasures. Spray up.