Auckland Bar Frames Hole Punched In Men’s Toilet, Names The Masterpiece “Fragile Masculinity”

A bar in Auckland has set the internet ablaze after its solution to a good ol’ case of fragile masculinity went viral.

[jwplayer c9XWpxH9]

The Lumsden Freehouse, as stumbled upon by bar patron Josh McConnell (@joshmcconnell), framed a hole that was punched in the men’s toilets back in 2018, before naming the now-timeless piece of art ‘Fragile Masculinity – Artist Unknown’. Much thought-provoke, many ponder.

McConnell’s discovery, which was shared to Twitter over the weekend, has already amassed over 200k likes. Ah, there’s truly nothing more satisfying than watching the internet come together to unanimously drown out the cries of frail masculinity.

What I love most is that, if this was in The Louvre, it’d genuinely be heralded as a masterpiece, with people cueing up for hours, just to catch a glimpse of the tears, to gawk at its subtlety yet profound strength, and then to walk away, unpacking the flaws of the human male ego.

Either way, my faith in humanity has been restored once more. Merci, Lumsden Freehouse, merci.