Harry Styles, Whose Masculinity Is Made Of Steel, Finally Clapped Back At Troll Candace Owens

harry styles bring back manly men

Harry Styles, who quite literally just made history as the first man to grace the cover of Vogue, has officially won the internet this week (and forever) with an iconic jab at anyone who has a problem with this masculinity.

Alongside a drop-dead gorgeous photo of Styles eating a banana in a *fabulous* suit, he simply added the caption “Bring back manly men.”

*mic drop.*

The image is likely a jab at Candace Owens, who tweeted that we should “bring back manly men” after Harry’s Vogue cover. Until you’ve personally covered Vogue, you probably shouldn’t comment on those who have that honour.

I’m sorry, but if this photo, and Harry Styles as a person, isn’t living proof that embracing your feminine side isn’t incredibly attractive, I’ll be damned.

It’s an argument I’ve been having for years when it comes to men wearing nail polish, outlandish clothes or otherwise embracing things that are traditionally feminine. And honestly, I think it just means that their sense of masculinity isn’t fragile enough to be dependent on sartorial choices.

Harry Styles having the confidence and security in his own masculinity to rock these outfits, cover Vogue and quite frankly, do whatever the fuck he wants is peak masculinity, tbh.

I mean it when I say: KING SHIT.

Not to mention, Harry Styles is widely considered to be one of the most attractive men in entertainment, so I truly don’t think he has *anything* to worry about when it comes to opinions on his appearance whatsoever.

Men, if you’re reading this, wear whatever the *FUCK* you want. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your feminine side, and if anything, trying things that are traditionally feminine just cements the fact that your masculinity isn’t fragile.

Obviously, the internet went wild after the post, and rightfully so.






If we need anything in this world, it’s more men like Harry Styles.

Once again, KING! SHIT!