Trusty Fallen Umbrella Casually Locks Out An Entire Office For 2 Days

fallen wedged umbrella jammed door

Imagine rocking up to work on a Monday morning, shoulders hunched, heels dragging, frown prominent, only to find that a fallen umbrella had wedged its way between the front door and subsequently barred all patrons from entering. This is what happened to Mike Ponticelli, whose umbrella had fallen over the weekend and would ultimately lock out the entire office for 2 days.

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Never have I ever been in more admiration of an umbrella and gravity.

The story gained widespread online attention when Mike’s mate Neeraj K. Agrawal shared his plight to Twitter.

A lot of self-proclaimed Einsteins replied to this tweet in an attempt to save the day, but nothing would work.

Speaking with VICE, Mike said, “Someone cut through the floor of the fifth floor and into our fourth floor office. Then they used a bit of wire to pry loose the umbrella. There’s still a hole in the ceiling now, about the size of a gherkin.”

For some context, #operationumbrella took place on the Tuesday night, nearly 48 hours after the initial discovery.

All this effort for a fucking umbrella. Excuse me but, hahahhahahahahha.

Neeraj’s subsequent tweet was equally as glorious.

I understand, my guy – you gotta shoot your shot.

Please follow this wonderful human being, and look out for hazardous umbrellas (unless you’re keen for a couple days off).