Rabid Logan Paul & KSI Fans Injure Themselves And Security After Going Off Chops In Sydney

logan paul ksi sydney crowd today show

Thousands of Logan Paul and KSI fans swarmed streets around Channel Nine’s Sydney studios after the duo appeared on The Today Show on Monday morning. Police and extra security were called to control the immense swarm of fans, another scheduled meet and greet was cancelled and people were reportedly injured as the appearance got out of hand.

Fans of the YouTube stars reportedly camped out overnight to catch a glimpse of Paul and KSI (AKA Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji) who are in Australia to promote their Prime drinks range.

By 8.30am on Monday the crowd — primarily made up of men — had blocked off Denison street and were chanting while they waited for Paul and KSI to appear.

Probably the most action North Sydney has seen in a long time.

Per The Daily Telegraph, a security guard was injured in the chaos after he was caught behind concrete barricades when the crowd surged and pushed over the fencing.

Fans and crowd management staff also reportedly fell over in the masses of people. Police reportedly scrambled to try and keep things from getting entirely out of control.

The Today Show‘s Karl Stefanovic checked in with early bird fans who were lining up outside the studios before dawn on Monday morning, which went as you’d expect.

“There is the sweet smell of Lynx Africa permeating through North Sydney right now,” Stefanovic said.

Fans began to swarm the Today Show host which is simply too much energy for before sunrise on a Monday morning if you ask me.

Fans lost their shit over various things including: seeing Paul and KSI on the balcony, KSI leading an “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant and later responding to demands for him to take off his bandana and show his forehead (???).

First Perth fans went nuts at Woolies and now this — who knew this would be the reaction to a man who claimed he’s “not controversial anymore” after a history of posting simply beyond controversial content?