Like Everything You Love, That Vid Of A Boy Owning A Reporter Is A Lie

Earlier this week, a viral video of a boy savagely owning a Las Vegas reporter blew the hell up on social media. Fox 5 meteorologist Ted Pretty was out in the street doing a nice, harmless fluff piece on Fourth of July fireworks when he seemingly encountered the kid from hell:

The horrible youngster and his catch phrase – “wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy?” – became internet sensations, but just as the clip was racking up millions of views, somebody noticed a certain family resemblance between the two, and before long, Pretty had confirmed that the whole thing was a set-up featuring his own son.

Speaking to Esquire, Pretty seemed pretty sheepish about the whole deal, saying: “You gotta understand I’ve been in this market 18 years, so a majority of our viewers know I’m a father of two kids. It wasn’t like I was trying to prank our viewers or make it look like it was not staged.”
The reporter, who has featured his family in segments before, at least hopes that his son (who came up with the idea in the first place) will get a laugh from his newfound viral stardom. He said:

“I think he’ll get a kick out of it. I don’t if it will really sink in that people across the country are seeing this. I know that’s the goal du jour with kids these days … I think he’ll think it’s pretty cool. He probably won’t like the fact some people are calling him nasty names on social media thinking he’s a smart ass, which he’s not. He’s got such a big heart, his comment here is so far out of his character.”
TBH, kid, the time to monetise ‘wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy?’ and become the next ‘cash me ousside’ girl is right now, so you’d better start printing those hoodies and release a single while you can. 

Source: Esquire.
Photo: Twitter.