Viewer Ratings Confirm More Aussies Were Bricked Up For LEGO Masters Than The Great Debate

lego masters the great debate

Good arvo girls, gays, my fellow teammates, members of the opposing team and the adjudicator. Did you catch “The Great Debate” between Anthony Albanese and barely-cognisant fungus emperor Scott Morrison? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t, it was a shit show.

60 Minutes played host to The Great Debate on Sunday night and it was an awkward mess and a half. Morrison interrupted people, said dumb stuff and showed off that shit-eating grin we know and (do not) love. So really, nothing new from the Prime Minister.

All the while Albanese did his best to keep a word in, making sure he didn’t fall for any “gotcha” questions that the media are so horny over lately.

The best part about the debate, however, is that Nine’s LEGO Masters raked in more viewers. It seems most of us want to watch Aussies building shit with tiny bricks than they want to see two brick heads yell at each other.

Aussie journo Chris Uhlmann reckons that the debate “grew the audience off the back of Lego.” He must’ve been shitting bricks when he saw the actual numbers.

Oof, would you look at that. Around 20,000 Aussies watched LEGO Masters but not the debate that came right after it.

However, if you look at the Sydney numbers, 40,000 more people were bricked up for the debate than they were for Hamish Blake‘s little show. I guess that says more about Sydneysiders, we just don’t know how to have fun!

But hey, if you were one of the people that watched LEGO Masters and not The Great Debate, you really didn’t miss out on much.

In fact, everyone who put themselves through the debate can agree that it was not worth their time.

Truly the only loser of the debate is every single person who watched it expecting some riveting discourse.

Well, if you need me I’m gonna go and make The Great Debate with a bunch of LEGO bricks. Writing this article has activated the childish urge in me to start building shit again.

I’m just gonna make Morrison a huge grey brick. Still debating what to make Albanese.