At this point in history, there’s a fair argument to be made that Britain would be far better off under the leadership of Larry the Cat, rather than the current human occupant of 10 Downing Street in Theresa May. But at the very least, May has it over Larry as far as being able to actually get herself inside the building is concerned.

In what might be the most quintessentially British thing this side of the phrase “quintessentially British,” 10 Downing Street’s resident cat Larry stole the show during a Sky News report overnight, thanks in no small part to a helpful cop station on guard duty nearby.

Sky News political correspondent Tom Raynor was in the middle of filing a report on something or other (probably Brexit, but honestly who cares), when Larry’s patient waiting outside 10 Downing’s front door caught the eye of a nearby Bobby.

Calm as houses, the Cop took a casual step forward, knocked on the door of the British Prime Minister, and let the dang cat in.

The only way that could’ve been any more British is if the cop were a gangly inbred toff in a Union Jack suit named Lord Chesterton Smithingsworth who only knocked on the door after taking time out from systemically oppressing the lower class.

All that said, a mere cat who can command the lawmen of a land with such ruthless efficiency is certainly cause – or paws, if you will – for concern. Should one cat have all that power? Is it morally sound to install a feline so high in the hierarchy of an entire country? Will the cat eventually become drunk with power and overthrow the government in a hail of hissing and clawing?

Our take? Yes.

All hail Larry. The true, and future, leader of the UK.

Image: Getty Images / Kate Green