There Must Be A Glitch In The Simulation Bc Timothée Chalamet & Larry David Are Friends Now

Larry David

In some bizarre new for your Friday evening: Timothée Chalamet and Larry David have been spotted having a cute lunch date together, so which one you fucks broke the simulation???

Paparazzi spotted the 25 and 74 year old having lunch at Sant Ambroeus in New York City. The pair were also accompanied by Larry’s daughter Romy and another guy that is suspected to be her boyfriend, Josiah Adams.

In some sick twisted way, I’m obsessed with this pairing because deep down I want Timothée Chalamet to be my boyfriend and Larry David to be my dad. Or even the other way around TBH. I simply must know what on earth they are talking about, and I’m not the only one either.

People on Twitter are losing their minds over this iconic duo — because quite frankly, it’s the crossover we needed, but didn’t deserve.

Same Elizabeth, except I am single and that is my age range.

To be fair, drinking espresso martinis seems very on brand for both Timothée and Larry. Yet, still pretty random.

It’s even more hilarious seeing the Curb Your Enthusiasm star drinking with a bunch of young people, when you compare that to photos of Larry blocking his ears at New York Fashion Week from a couple days ago.

One minute he’s acting like an old geezer and the next he’s downing espresso martinis with a bunch of twenty-somethings. I literally love this man so much.

It’s not even the first time he’s blocked his ears either. Larry also recently did it at the tennis.

I think I’m gonna take a leaf out of Larry’s book and start start blocking my ears at the club if I don’t like a song (when they open, that is).

Name a more iconic duo than Timothée Chalamet and Larry David, i’ll wait…