Ever complained about a hotel room? No? What about a hostel? Strap in kids because they’re about to seem like The Ritz after you feast your eyes on this gem of a legit room discovered in central London, The Corbigoe Hotel in Westminster and reported on by UK consumer group Which? after they conducted an undercover investigation of the London hotel scene.

The investigation was focused on the rising trend of ‘micro’ hotels, basically tiny rooms for less if you don’t mind a little less comfort…but there are limits.

The room in question, barely fitting a single bed, is smaller than a prison cell. The website lists the room size at 5 square metres, but punters have discovered that almost half of that is filled with a bathroom, which itself is so small you can pee and wash your hands at the same time. According to the Which? investigation and reported by News.com.au, the room situation is pretty dire.

When we visited with a tape measure, we found that the bedroom-sized up at just three square metres…The rectangular box is almost completely taken up by a narrow single bed, from which you can simultaneously touch the walls on either side. The only window opens into the interior landing and the ensuite is so small you can wash your hands while still sat on the loo.

And how much will you pay for the privilege of staying in said prison room? During peak tourist season you’re looking at $97  a night, which admittedly is quite cheap for London standards so I guess it’s up to you whether it’s worth it to stay in a shoebox with nowhere to put your bags?

While I don’t recommend staying there if you want something fun to do I would recommend have a read through the reviews on TripAdvisor. Without even getting into the body of these complaints, let me just share with you a few of my favourite headlines because I am howling:


Withhout a doubt this place must be closed down unless and until they improve

Awfull slum hell hole

Something from a horror movie!

Worse than worses hotel in Brazil! The people are very agressive and dumb!


Hotel room?? More like PRISON CELL!!

I didn’t realise Brazilian hotels had a rep? Either way, these people are A-N-G-R-Y. Beyond these there’s also a general ‘avoid’ and ‘stay away’ theme.


Image: Which? via News.com.au