OI SCOTT MORRISON: Even Lara Worthington, National Treasure, Has Spoken

Lara Worthington

Lara Worthington, née Bingle has spoken. And she has spoken well.

“WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU???” she tweeted moments ago at our prime minster Scott Morrison. Worthington’s tweet mirrors thousands of others who have adopted her iconic phrase to ask just where Morrison has disappeared to while Australia burns.

#WhereTheBloodyHellAreYou, and its many variations, have been trending for two days.

Even now, #whereisScoMo sits within the top five most trending hashtags on Twitter. The money’s on Hawaii, but his office has declined to comment. But thanks to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, we do know he’s taking “a well deserved break” overseas with his family. Get some fresh air, I suppose – away from the exhausted firies and the general confusion over how the fuck we’re going to get through this fire season and the ones to come.

Worthington, who by the way has only tweeted five times this year, famously said the words in an advertising campaign by Tourism Australia in 2006. It’s easily one of the most memorable ads Tourism Australia has cooked up yet. Remember when that ad made people mad? Ha.

And while we’re throwing it back, here’s a truly fascinating video of Morrison on Q&A in 2010, criticising then Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon for going to the pub during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires.

“She’s clearly made a bad judgement call,” he said.

You can see the footage in the video below.

The leader of this country will return to it before Christmas. Frydenberg told the Nine Network that he’ll be off to India and Japan next, “leading a delegation to advance Australia’s interests.”