Paparazzo Decked By Sam Worthington Demands Lara Bingle’s Arrest, Releases Footage Of Incident

The “parasitic” paparazzo charged with misdemeanour assault for his involvement in an altercation in Greenwich Village with Sam Worthington has blamed “[Worthington’s] wife” Lara Bingle for initiating fisticuffs, demanding her arrest in Manhattan Criminal Court overnight where he appeared on further charges of assault, reckless endangerment and harassment. 

According to Reuters, ‘photographer’ Sheng Li, his wrist brace, a supporting gallery of paparazzi and his lawyer Mark Heller distributed footage of the incident, which you can see below, “showing Lara Bingle aggressively pursuing and coming towards [Li]. There’s no video of him attacking her; she was the aggressor.”


“She has to be charged with felony assault and attempted robbery. There has to be a warrant issued for her arrest,” clamoured Heller in a request Judge Laurie Peterson promptly declined.

In keeping with their initial statement, New York Police maintain that Li was aggressively pursuing Bingle and deliberately kicked her in the shin, prompting Worthington’s retaliation. 

The case and Worthington’s appearance in court have been adjourned until May 8th. Lara looks so chic though.

Photo: Jason Kempin via Getty