Sam Worthington Settles Out-Of-Court After Lara Bingle Paparazzi Scuffle

The old ‘sue them for a ridiculous amount and hope they settle to get you off their backs’ gambit appears to have paid off for the paparazzi photographer who got involved in a scuffle with Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle.
In February of last year, Worthington and photographer Sheng Li became involved in a scuffle, after which both were arrested, although assault-related charges against both were later dismissed. 
Worthington, who was facing a $US 3.7 million lawsuit, alleged that Li kicked Lara Bingle in the shin as she was attempting to walk by, and that in the ensuing fracas, he was attempting to protect her.
Li’s lawyers claim that never happened, describing the incident as a “phantom kick” and alleging that Bingle tried to “attack” him and take his camera, an accusation that the Worthington-Bingles rejected in its entirety. 
Adding insult to injury, transcript of a deposition emerged in which one of Li’s photographer colleagues, present on the day, claimed that they were following Bingle only, and had no idea who Worthington was.
A civil trial was due to commence in Manhattan on Tuesday, but Worthington’s settlement, for an undisclosed amount, means it will no longer go ahead. 
via Fairfax
Photo: Axelle / Bauer Griffin via Getty Images