Kylie Minogue Is The Latest Celeb Who Has Said Fark No To Performing At King Chachi’s Coronation

A bunch of popular British artists and Australian icon Kylie Minogue have declined to perform at King Charles III’s Coronation, and it’s what he deserves.

Kylie Minogue, Aussie icon and pop superstar has been the latest in a slew of celebrities to refuse to perform at King Charles III’s Coronation and as she fkn should.

As per The Daily Mail, Minogue has declined to perform at The Coronation after taking into account the ever growing republican sentiment within Australia.

Sources say that Kylie, has been advised that the gig would not go down well with some of her fellow Australians – and they’re not wrong TBH

A spokesperson for the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head singer confirmed she will not be in attendance at the gig as she won’t be in the country at the time.

This adds her to the long list of celebs that have already declined to perform at King Charles III’s Coronation.

ICYMI, Musical icons including Harry Styles, Adele, and Elton John have all turned down the offer of performing at the historic event, and we must say that asking Elton John must’ve taken BALLS because it’s known that the “Rocket Man” singer was a close friend to King Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana.

He literally wrote “Candle In The Wind” for the People’s Princess.

According to Page Six, the Spice Girls also not only rejected the offer to sing, but they also won’t be attending the event at all. Fkn ouch!

The most obvious reason as to why these artists refuse to accept the gig is due to the immense amount of controversy the royal family has been in.

We’ve got Prince Andrew and his ties to Jeffrey Epstien and his sexual assault allegations, the whole Prince Harry and Meghan Markle debacle, from the Oprah interview to Harry’s tell-all book, Spare, Tampon Gate and of course, Charles’ tumultuous relationship/marriage with Princess Diana.

Simon Johnes, PR to Little Mix, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson told Rolling Stones, “The royal family has faced a number of PR disasters in recent times, and anyone performing at the show would have to consider whether there would be a backlash from appearing amongst their fans,”

Also speaking to Rolling Stone, Meg, a head of a leading British music PR company who asked to stay anonymous, spoke about why Adele and Harry had declined.

“For them right now, storytelling is really important,” Meg told Rolling Stones. “These big symbolic associations carry a lot of weight and literally go down in history books in bold and underlined. I can understand why there’d be a big PR discussion around artists doing it or not.”

Meg also said that Queen Elizabeth II was “fab and glamorous to some people” and Charles “doesn’t add anything”.  “there’s not a legacy of his that anyone would want to align with,” Meg added.

Alongside these artists, it looks like Meghan and Prince Harry will not be attending the coronation on May 6 according to Page Six, as a source claimed they haven’t received their invite.

If I could offer some advice to the coronation organisers, I would send them Liam Payne or Jesy Nelson’s contact details ASAP.