Weddings are breeding grounds for biffs between spouses: a potential shortage of stomach-lining canapes combined with free booze and a love that’s quite possibly greater than your own does not a match made in heaven make.

Case in point: Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, who both endured blowups with their husbands at each other’s respective nuptials.

Kim and Chrissy – who are extra tite since appearing together in Fergie’s M.I.L.F. $ clips – made the connection when they sat down to shoot the breeze for one of the regular Inner Circle videos on Kim’s app. 

Chrissy explained, “John [Legend] and I got in the biggest fight at Kim and Kanye’s wedding that you’ve ever seen in your whole life,” explaining it “came from alcohol.” Fkn of course.

Kim K & Chrissy Teigen Biffed With Their Husbaes At Each Others’ Wedding

She went on:

“You know when you think everything’s about you? I was like, ‘We ruined the wedding and everyone noticed,’ and everyone’s like, ‘No, not really, nobody noticed.'”

John sang Kimye’s first-dance song and Chrissy was so ropeable at him that she stood in the corner quietly seething while everyone waxed lyrical about his angelic pipes.

“I remember standing with your mom and being so mad at him and everyone’s like, ‘He’s so amazing. Isn’t he amazing?’ and I was like, ‘NO!'”

Kim then shared the fact she had a reciprocal experience with Kanye.

“Wait, I got in a fight with Kanye during your wedding!” she said.

Kim K & Chrissy Teigen Biffed With Their Husbaes At Each Others’ Wedding

This despite the fact she wasn’t *actually* at Chrissy and John’s wedding.

“I didn’t go because [North] was just born, and I was so fat, and I was like, ‘I have nothing to wear.’ And so then he kept texting me being like, Babe, this is the most beautiful wedding,’ ‘Babe, this is so pretty, I really wish you were here at Lake Como.’ And ‘Stevie Wonder sang!’ Literally, a play-by-play text. We got into the biggest fight – I was like, Just stop texting me, go enjoy the wedding, ’cause you’re making me feel so bad, and I’m so fat!'” 

I personally hate it when my superstar husband messages me from a $50m wedding in Lake Como to brag about all the fun he’s having.

Not cool, Kanye. Not cool.

Kim K & Chrissy Teigen Biffed With Their Husbaes At Each Others’ Wedding


Photo: Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris.