After announcing that she was taking some time away from the stage in January, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum, UNHhhh‘/’The Trixie & Katya Show co-host, and Twin Peaks-obsessed drag queen, Katya (Brian McCook), has announced on her Twitter that she’s ready to come back to performing.

She’s also confirmed that the most recent show she was touring, ‘Help Me, I’m Dying’ is set to get a makeover, as the time off allowed her to recuperate and reset, and that she is “no longer dying.

When Katya announced earlier this year that she needed to take some personal time to work on her mental health and her ongoing drug addiction recovery, it was also announced that Bob The Drag Queen would be taking over co-hosting duties on UNHhhh with her fellow queen (and now Drag Race Hall Of Fame inductee) Trixie Mattel.

It’s not certain whether Katya will be resuming her role alongside Trixie for the next season of The Katya And Trixie Show, but fingers crossed she’ll be coming back to silently scream-laugh at literally everything that comes out of Trixie’s mouth.


As part of the return to the stage (and online life), Katya/Brian has revealed that he’s been working on a new podcast called Whimsically Volatileand the first episode is going live this week. He announced it this morning on Twitter, with a photo of a pretty healthy and happy looking Brian, sporting some new tattoos and facial hair (!!!).

The Katya stans are pretty bloody happy with the Russian queen’s return, and I’m sure your Dad will be happy, too.

Image: We Love Katya