Turns Out Transphobic Toad Katherine Deves’ Death Threat Claims Have Been Debunked By NSW Police

Katherine Deves for SBS

Local champion of abhorrent transphobia Katherine Deves told SBS she had received so many death threats from her hateful antics that she had to get police involved. Well, police say otherwise.

If you don’t recognise Liberal MP Katherine Deves’ name, you may know her from her campaign to exclude trans women from women’s sport. She was also exposed for tweeting some pretty horrific stuff about trans kids, claiming they are “surgically mutilated and sterilised”.

Oh, and she compared advocating against trans rights to standing up to Nazis in the Holocaust. The irony here being trans folk were actually persecuted by Nazis. You’re not on the side you think you are, you toad.

Deves spoke to SBS on Sunday night about having to *gasp* experience the kind of hate incited towards trans people everywhere. Oh, the consequences of your own actions.

“I have received death threats,” she told SBS.

“I have had to have the police and the AFP involved. My safety has been threatened.

“My family are away out of Sydney because I don’t want them to witness what I’m going through nor do I want their safety put at risk.”

You know which other group of people feel unsafe, often in their own homes or areas, because of a certain kind of targeted hatred? Sigh, I’m wasting my breath here.

The funny thing about Katherine Deves’ claims though is that NSW Police has revealed it hasn’t been contacted from her about all this drama.

A spokesperson said in a statement to The Guardian that it was’t aware of any threats against her life.

“The NSW Police Force have not received any reports of threats made,” the statement said.

Where’s that meme of Katie Hopkins with a target on her forehead? Ah, here it is.

katie hopkins target meme
A classic.

The weaponised tears are at it again, folks.

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