Zali Steggall Called Out Her Lib Rival For Hiring Her Ex-Husband’s *Wife* & What Is This, MAFS?

Zali Steggall

Warringah MP Zali Steggall just called out her competition Katherine Deves for recruiting — get this — the wife of Zali’s ex-husband (!!!) as “campaign manager” for her bid to steal Zali’s seat. What is this, The Real Housewives of Warringah?!

Zali Steggall and her ex-husband David Cameron divorced in 2006 and have two kids together. Now the man is married to Bridie Nolan, a big shot Sydney barrister, and the two live in the inner-west.

Somehow, it turns out step mum Bridie and Katherine Deves, the literal rival for Steggall’s seat, are actually besties and go everywhere together. All I can envision rn is The Plastics from Mean Girls.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that several Liberals have referred to Bridie as Katherine’s “campaign manager”. Interestingly, a NSW Liberal Party spokesman told SMH Bridie is just a “volunteer” and not on the payroll.

Normally I would respect this because I too would help my bestie take out her man’s ex for free. BUT, Katherine Deves is the Liberal MP who described trans kids as “surgically mutilated and sterilised” and said she is “triggered” by rainbow flags. So she’s going in the burn book and her antics aren’t cute.

Zali, on the other hand, has called for Katherine’s disendoresement from Prime Minister Scott Morrison after her gross transphobic comments were revealed. She also accused her of being “vindictive” because of the bestie drama.

“I think it’s a new low and very vindictive to be actively involving separated family in an opposing political campaign,” Zali Steggall told SMH regarding Bridie. Fighting words but trust me, there’s been an embarrassing back and forth between these gals for some time.

In the 2019 election campaign, Bridie had a go at Zali for using the hashtag “#warringahvotes” in a tweet condemning the Christchurch massacre. According to SMH, she told The Daily Telegraph that she and Zali’s ex were “appalled” but not surprised because “we both know personally how opportunistic Zali is”.

Mhmmm. As a Muslim I can definitely confirm that talking shit about trans kids is more offensive than a poor taste hashtag regarding Christchurch but go off I guess.

All I know is if my ex and his new transphobia-sympathising wife were talking shit about me in the press like that, I’d be throwing hands on national TV.