Swimming Australia Has Condemned The Demonic Anti-Trans Billboard Going Around Sydney

Swimming Australia has slammed a fucked-up anti-trans billboard against conservative activist group ­Advance.

The demonic billboard featured images of Emma McKeon, four-time Olympic backstroke champion Emily Seebohm and Dawn Fraser, along with the slogan: “Women’s Sport is Not for Men.”

The billboard, which was sashayed around multiple locations in Sydney over the weekend, was targeted at pro-trans politicians including independent member for Warringah Zali Steggall whose face was also present on the billboard with a speech bubble that read: “That’s transphobic!”

Swimming Australia has condemned the billboard, confirming that they had not asked for permission from either their organisation nor its athletes.

“Swimming Australia strongly condemns the use of imagery of our athletes, past and present, by the Advance Australia party in recent political advertising,” chief executive Eugenie Buckley said in a statement.

“Consent to use the imagery was never sought prior to its publication, neither from Swimming Australia nor the individuals involved. For clarity, if it was sought it, would have been categorically denied.

“Swimming Australia does not endorse this, or any message, from the Advance Australia party. Swimming Australia has issued a legal notice to the Advance Australia party and expects the imagery to be removed from circulation immediately.

“Swimming Australia believes in a competitive environment that is inclusive, fair and equitable for all athletes at the same time. Ultimately, all Australians deserve to feel welcome, safe, valued and celebrated in swimming.”

Swimming Australia has threatened legal action against those responsible.

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