Karlos Loses It As Aussie Ledges Talk Foiling Robbery With “Busted Plugga”

Seldom has there been a tale of more pure Aussie grit than that of the “Busted Plugga” heroes who, despite malfunctioning footwear, managed to foil a in-progress robbery with little more than the power of determination.

The two champions in question – James Ross-Monroe, and his documentarian chum Kane Wiblen – have captured the imagination of the Australian psyche to such a degree that The Today Show brought the pair on to congratulate their ‘Strayan spirit, and let them tell their story in a little bit more depth.
And the Gold Coast pair absolutely delivered.
Turns out they’d been at something called a “Singlets and Stubbies” party before the aforementioned incident at the Arundel Oporto.
The story found a very special place in the heart of your boy Karl Stefanovic who, as is his trademark, absolutely pissed himself.

Unlikely Aussie heroes suffer a “busted plugger” while foiling…

Shirtless and shoeless, James and Kane singlehandedly prevented the alleged robbery of a shop, despite having just suffered a “busted plugger”… We spoke to the true blue Aussie heroes this morning, and these two blokes are nothing short of awesome! On’ya boys! #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Sunday, 24 January 2016

Karlos cracking up over a story about an Aussie bloke with a busted thong chasing off a robbery at an Oporto.

That, right there, is about as dead centre of Australian Internet as you are ever, ever going to get.
Source: The Today Show.