“Busted Plugga” Dude’s Mum Is Proud As Punch, Just Wishes He Kept It PG

As more details of Queensland’s “busted plugga” heroes emerge, it becomes harder and harder to understand why it took this long for such true blue characters to be unearthed. 

James Ross-Munro and camera-wielding compatriot Kane Wiblen have certainly given their take on the robbery they foiled while demonstrating themselves to be a pair of outstanding QLD gentlemen. Now, today’s interview with James’ ma may have just pushed this ordeal to peak ‘Straya. 
Pam Ross-Munro took to the airwaves of 91.7 ABC Gold Coast to give her son some shine, further confirming James’ fine form. She said she’s “proud as punch” with him for taking a stand against the state’s baddies, saying “he’s one of those people who just sees something wrong and then will just stand up for anyone and everybody.”
On his decidedly Ocker mannerisms, dress, and language, Pam – bless her heart – told listeners that James did indeed “look like a bogan” who does “occasionally dress nice,” before apologising for his language during the escapade. 

We repeat: her son busted up a crime in progress, and she still wishes he’d kept it PG. 

Police are still on the lookout for one of the blokes who bolted after the incident. With the whole country copping an eyeful of the robbery, it probably won’t be too long until they get nabbed; until then, we look forward to Pam taking to radio again to give him a good ol’ dressing down. 

Nothing says an awesome Friday like beers, mates, laughs, oh and this burger shop robbery gone to shit. Interesting night to say the least!

Posted by Kane Wiblen on Friday, 22 January 2016

Source: ABC. 
Photo: Facebook.