Leaked Vid Shows Justin Trudeau Belting Bohemian Rhapsody Before Queen’s Funeral & It Goes Off

justin trudeau bohemian rhapsody queen

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (who is no stranger to controversey) has had a private moment in London leaked to the world. In the spicy video, he can be heard belting “Bohemian Rhapsody” while seemingly “drunk” and leaning against a piano. I mean, who amongst us hasn’t been there before?

Trudeau is currently in London to attend the lowkey, intimate and private funeral for Queen Elizabeth II.

Approximately 48 hours before the old bat’s coffin was paraded around the streets of London, Trudeau clearly craved a bit of sing-song with his Canadian company. And who better to sing along to in a time like this than Queen? The jokes write themselves.

And so here he is with gospel musician Gregory Charles at the keys, belting out “easy come, easy go, little high, little low.” And when I say belting I mean this man is hitting NOTES.

Trudeau has been called out for this act by a couple of monarchy simps publications, as some see his antics as disrespectful.

After all, the only reason he and his merry men are enjoying a luxury stay at the Corinthian Hotel in the middle of London is because Little Miss Stolen Diamonds From India carked it.

Show some respect, you madman! You can’t have fun on the week of a funeral.

World leaders gathered in London for Queen Lizzie’s funeral, including our very own Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and President of the United States of America Joe Biden. Heaven forbid we ever find out either of these leaders were jovial or smiling before the Queen is buried in a 200-year-old vault.

The whole affair was estimated to cost $9 million AUD.

Although Justin Trudeau has not yet made a statement about the leaked footage, I highly suspect he will eventually. Canada is still a constitutional monarchy, so it will probably be expected that he apologises to the royal family for being happy while in London.

Look, the man could have been singing “The Queen Is Dead” by The Smiths or even “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts. I personally think his song choice was rather inoffensive.