Enjoy The Spicy Memes From PM Justin Trudeau’s Wild India Trip

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau (the one people from lots of countries really love) has been in India the past week on an eight-day expedition around and about the country. And though he’s usually utterly adored for just about anything he does, this time Trudeau has experienced his own lil’ shit-storm.

It’s nothing as bad as #barnabye but still pretty spicy.

In between being a tourist with his picture-perfect family and conducting political business, Trudeau has been donning some interesting outfit choices.

Now, the general consensus is that it’s all been a little too much for the locals and the internationals to handle. And by this I mean Trudeau and his family have been trying too hard to fit in with their many different outfit choices. Safe to safe, it’s completely divided Twitter. 

One half finds it all awkwardly amusing but nevertheless endearing. The other half are convinced Trudeau has just been playing the part of ‘perfect politically correct’ PM this entire time and now he’s gone too far.

But on a serious note, the entire trip had also been criticised for a retracted invitation to a Sikh extremist, Jaspal Atwal, who had been convicted of attempted murder. Atwal’s retracted invitation had been to the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence for a dinner in Trudeau’s honour in New Delhi. 

So, if you’re into reading what everyone has to say then hit up Twitter and wave goodbye to your Saturday night because it can get pretty heavy.

But if you’re just here for the laughs, here are some of the quality memes and jokes people have made and honestly, they’re fucking hilarious.

This one’s just a beauty:



And some Tweets because we love those:

This one:

And now the pièce de résistance: a precious video of Trudeau DANCING like he’s in a Bollywood film.

Work of art:

Cringe worthy and yet I can’t look away.