Forget #Barnabye There’s A ‘Big Bad Barnaby’ Burger To Get Messy With

Brissy burger joint, Burger Urge are serving up Big Bad Barnaby burgers and it might be the only time we’ve ever had our mouths water at the sight of bad boy Barnaby. What a bloody time to be a live, eh?

ICYMI (if that’s possible) Barnaby Joyce officially stepped down as Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader yesterday. Such a shame. Joyce will officially resign at Monday’s party meeting.

Again ICYMI, this shit-storm started when Joyce told Johnny – wait, wrong one – his latest shit-storm started when news surfaced he was expecting a child with his former media advisor, Vikki Campion after entering an affair with her.

Joyce shall now be enjoying life on the backbench. Such a shame.

Now back to the burger because it really is a beauty. Please enjoy it’s detailed description because it’s a bloody doozy. #barnabye

The Big Bad Barnaby comes with some juicy Angus beef  “impregnated” with New England cheese, tomato, beetroot, onion, egg, pineapple, and lettuce wedged between two very fine extra-red beetroot buns. Not going to lie, it does sound like something to ruin your diet with.

Just see below for the saucy pic.

But wait, the savageness goes on with this very emotional video featuring a cardboard cutout of the big man and the iconic The Sound of Silence song by Paul Simon. 

Burger Urge is honestly the gift that keeps on giving.

The Big Bad Barnaby will only be available this weekend or until they sell out, which will probably happen soon since he’s in such high demand.

BRB, booking my flight to Brisbane.