Canada’s New PM Is Kind Of A Babe, And The Internet Is Having Itself A Froth

You mightn’t have known this – unless you happened to catch yesterday’s edition of Last Week Tonight – but Canada just had a vitally important general election, and now finds itself with a brand new Prime Minister.

Incumbent Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party was ousted from the country’s top job – one he’d held since 2006 – by young upstart Justin Trudeau of the centre/centre-left Liberal Party.
Harper’s defeat follows a growing dissatisfaction in his performance by Canadian citizens, who viewed his political style as too stiff, and leaning far too much to the right.
The NY Times stated that the election had become less of a general vote, and more of “a referendum on Mr. Harper’s approach to government, which, in the view of his critics, has been heavy-handed and often focused on issues important to core Conservative supporters, mostly in the West, rather than to much of the population.”

And boy, doesn’t THAT ever sound familiar.

At 43, Trudeau becomes the second youngest Canadian to ever hold the office of Prime Minister, and follows in the footsteps of his father Pierre Trudeau – a legendary figure in Canadian political history, who served as the nation’s Prime Minister from 1968 until 1979, and then again from 1980 until 1984.
Trudeau doesn’t pack the intellectual clout that his father famously possessed, but he does have the same animal magnetism and showmanship, which endeared him to middle class Canadians in a time where feelings of Governmental abandonment were rife.
Also, as it turns out, Justin Trudeau is a preeeeeeetty good looking rooster.
Damn, son. You keep throwing straight blue steel like that, you’ll make us Torontoey.
As for the internet? They thirsty AF.

Congratulations, Canada! Here’s to a better, more prosperous, and really, really, really, ridiculously good looking future.
Real talk tho: This “Daddy” business has got to stop, you guys.
Photos: Carlos Osorio, Sasha Mordovets, Sonia Recchia, Lucas Oleniuk, Marissa LaForge via Getty Images.