Justin Trudeau Met A Syrian Baby Named In His Honour & It’s Just Too Much

Good lord, can that dreamboat of a Canadian Prime Minister get any dreamier
Thanks to his generous immigration policies that have allowed the settlement of thousands of Syrian refugees in Canada, Justin Trudeau has been honoured by a number of Syrian-Canadian families who’ve named their babies after him. 
Now he’s met a little boy who carries not just his first name, but the whole shebang: Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal, born in May this year. 
The Big Trudeau was in Calgary on Saturday, where the Little Justin-Trudeau’s parents, Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Mohammed Bilal, now live.  He met the little boy and his parents at something called the Parkdale Community Stampede breakfast, which is exactly the kind of wholesome but off-centre bullshit I imagine everyone in Canada to love, and local photographer Adam Scotti snapped the heart-melting moment. 

Apparently mum was absolutely thrilled with the meeting, telling CBC:
“I can’t believe that I met the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He said, ‘this is Justin-Trudeau,’ and then he says, ‘I appreciate that you named him after my name’.”
You can watch a segment on Li’l Trudeau at CBC Calgary, but be warned: he’s an adorable baby, and the whole thing is so damn cute and life-affirming that you may cry.
Source: ABC.
Image: Twitter / @AdamScotti.