You’d think that, by now, the Wolf of Wall Street himself Jordan Belfort would know that there’s no such thing as a “friendly chat” when it comes to investigative journalism. The man who defrauded scores of investors, got exceedingly rich off their money, subsequently went to jail for it and is now in the midst of a baffling image renaissance thanks to being immortalised by Leo DiCaprio, apparently has something of a short fuse. Who knew?

So when tenured journalist and 60 Minutes cornerstone Liz Hayes sat down with Belfort and began to push his buttons, Belfort reacted in precisely the manner that you’d think someone like him would: He lost it.

On the heels of a line of questioning that he simply was not keen on answering whatsoever, Hayes went one further and asked him about allegations that he was hiding income in Australia. “You’ve stonewalled me at every step.” “You’ve got a lot of nerve, boy, I’ll tell you!” Belfort barked as he stormed out of the interview, presumably to put on the zoot suit and step out with the flapper girls to match language so bafflingly 50s.

Though cooler heads eventually prevailed and Belfort returned to the interview, it’s clear that Hayes is quite content to hoist that particular Wolf head onto her extensive wall of trophies.