The real Wolf of Wall Street didn’t take too kindly to being grilled by Liz Hayes on 60 Minutes over his business dealings. He did not take too kindly at all. After the interview, which he walked out of after he met from Hayes a question he didn’t like, we didn’t hear too much other than what 60 Minutes had to say on the matter. But oh, that wonderful beast called the media simply cannot let something lie. Respected investigative journalists and absolute pillars of media integrity Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O gave Belfort a quick little ring on the blower and let him tell his side of the story on their radio show. And Belfort did not waste the opportunity whatsoever.

Fawning over him like a schoolgirl meeting a Backstreet Boy, Kyle seemed quite taken aback with Belfort as he asked him about the 60 Minutes debacle. And that was all the prompting Belfort needed to let loose. “I’ve done probably a thousand interviews and I’ve had some really tough journalists that were unfriendly and not nice. But this was a very different sort of interview. This was a complete attack.

If you saw the unedited version you would realise what an F-wit she is because she kept asking me, literally 15 of the same question.” “It wasn’t even an interview. It was like trying to do a public lynching for ratings, when the fact of the matter is, honestly, it was the lowest form of journalism I’ve ever seen.” “I think that every person in Australia should boycott 60 Minutes because it’s a worthless show.

The interview concluded with Belfort conceding that the incident was, ultimately, good publicity and would help sell tickets to his upcoming seminars.

And then Sandilands and Belfort made plans to hang out in Dubai together. But not on Tuesday. Because Sandilands is going jet skiing on Tuesday. So, if you wanted to get ahold of Kyle Sandilands this coming Tuesday, don’t bother. He’s going jet skiing. Jet skiing in Dubai.

Just so you guys know.

Photo: Michael Loccisano via Getty Images.