Jennifer Lawrence Retains Crystalline Perfection; Freaks Out While Meeting Jeff Bridges

Perpetuating her enduring aura of being Hollywood’s least awful person and #1 contender of Gal To Be BFFs With, the inexorable Jennifer Lawrence has reacted like a regular human at Comic-Con after meeting The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges.

The video below shows Lawrence losing it and retreating from Bridges after noticing she was in the presence of Royalty and her body wasn’t quite ready for that kind of thing so ok bye; she is then dragged back and acts like a breathless fangirl to Bridges, apologising for interrupting an interview, and as if the paparazzi were a fresh presence in her life said, “oh my god there’s cameras everywhere”. Lawrence seems completely shocked when Jeff Bridges’ interviewer handed her the microphone, which she instantly fumbled a question about Bridges’ favourite role in to, asking if it “rhymes with “The Schmooze”, hoping he’d pick his career-defining role promoting socks + thongs combos in The Big Lebowski; Bridges affirmed that celebrities aren’t all awesome and sidestepped the question by promoting a bro’s film instead, Out Of The Furnace. Sigh.

Jennifer Lawrence: 10000000000000
Jeff Bridges: 0

Skip to 2:30 to see Jennifer Lawrence’s perfect freak out:

Title image by Joe Klamar for Getty Images.