Jennifer Lawrence Does It Again, Falls Over At ‘Hunger Games’ Premiere

We’ll say it again: Jennifer Lawrence is all of us.

Her presence in Hollywood (aside from all her excellent acting, of course) allows you to feel okay about being a total klutz. You can imagine her sloppily eating a delivered hamburger on a Sunday afternoon, sobbing about stupid shit she did the night before. 
If you’re lost: the woman falls down a lot. Like, a lot. Mainly at red carpet events. 
We all remember the ‘Christian Dior-saster’; her swan-like entry to the stage in 2013:
Then again, on the red carpet in 2014:
Now, she’s done it again at the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingbird Pt. II in Madrid:
Oh, precious angel – she came so close to getting through 2015 without a major fall. It was not to be. 
via Vine