The Guy Who Wants To Rope Off Part Of Bondi Defended The Idea Online & Got Savaged By Locals

After engaging in some “community consultation” on a Bondi locals Facebook group, Janek Gazecki – the dude who wants to cordon off a section of Bondi Beach and call it ‘The Amalfi Beach Club’ – is getting absolutely roasted by angry locals.

As a quick reminder, the dude’s grand plan is to rope off 2% of Bondi Beach (roughly 30 x 40m) and fill it with cabanas and daybeds. A two our booking would cost $80.

It’s supposed to be posh and European, except it’s a model that people seem to be happy to leave over in Europe.

Gazecki started by posting a long-winded letter formatted in a way which makes it almost impossible to read.

This is what he posted. It’s one single image. If you’re reading on mobile in particular, RIP. (Facebook / Bondi Local Loop)

The document was a whole lot of waffle with a few bits of, uhhh, interesting info.

Firstly, Gazecki compared his idea to a similar fenced area at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide. Keep in mind Glenelg Beach is a fair bit bigger than Bondi, and also has hardly any surf.

He also said the idea was “entirely in line with Bondi Beach values,” which, according to the below comments, appears to be untrue.

Most (or least) interestingly, Gazecki mentioned quite early on in the letter that he was a prefect in high school. Good on ya.

The responses from Bondi locals were brutal.

“Can you please take this horrible idea and go away with it?” commented one person.

“Leave our beach alone.”

“Keep Amalfi in Italy. Let Bondi stay in Bondi,” said another commenter.

“We are not Europe where beaches are privatised and don’t get me started on the proposed name,” read a similar comment.

Someone even said that the name “Amalfi Beach Club” was too prentious.

“The Amalfi Coast of Italy is a beautiful but very upmarket and expensive area,” they said.

“All along, you have alluded to an elitist ‘posh’ beach club. Get some PR to fix your image.”

One person went as far as to say that locals have “a visceral hatred” for the idea.

People also got frustrated with Gazecki supposedly posting the idea in many Eastern Suburbs Facebook groups and claiming to foster community spirit.

Perhaps one comment summed up the whole thing: “Mate, no one wants this, just let it go.”

References to wanking also cropped up quite a lot throughout the comments section.

Have a peep below:

That’s not to mention a petition against the proposal which already has over 30 thousand signatures.

The people of Bondi are an opinionated bunch. But when it comes to turning a chunk of their prized beach into a Euro-style VIP area for $80 a pop, the community seems pretty united.