The Guy Who Wants To Turn Bondi Beach Into An $80pp VIP Club Reckons It’s Affordable, Actually

Janek Gazecki Bondi Beach

This morning it became woefully apparent to us all that some rich goon was looking to buy a section of Bondi beach for his own lucrative business ventures like some comical villain. Now, as all rich people do, he has defended his lust for leases with a statement.

Janek Gazecki, the man behind the ‘Amalfi Beach Club’ proposal, has snapped back at everyone who called his project fkn dumb, saying that he is pretty “frustrated” about the “rubbish” being shared about his money-hungry scheme.

Gazecki’s scheme which was submitted to Waverley Local Council proposes a 30 x 40m beach area (2% of Bondi) to be taken over with cabanas and daybeds, where Sydneysiders can book a stay for $80 a pop. 80 whole entire bucks when the beach is… y’know… free.

Speaking to NCA NewsWire, Gazecki took the chance to defend himself before the angry people of Australia.

“It’s not for the rich, it’s for everyone,” he said.

“The 80 bucks comes off your food and alcohol for the session, it’s not an additional charge.”

That’s not the point, Janek.

Gazecki then went on to highlight how his proposed club would invite new local restaurant hosts every month and help resurrect the suburb of Bondi, which in his eyes, is struggling to bring in the people.

“At the moment restaurants are struggling because of the capacity limits. This will give them access to 100 people per rotating session,” he said.

“Don’t forget they were shut for a long time, and the new restrictions are creating further (problems) for them – foot traffic at Bondi is dramatically down.

“Whenever you see those pictures in the news… it’s the busiest day. I’m here right now and there’s literally 100 people here.”

Very cool man, very cool.

This morning Gazecki was absolutely wrung out on 2GB by host Ben Fordham, who stated in no uncertain terms that expensive cabanas which take over the beach are “just not something we do in Australia!”

And he has several points. If this plan goes through, the rich will be able to enjoy luxury spots on the beach, while those without money will miss out entirely.

I’ll be holding onto my $80 thanks. See you on the free patch of sand.