Ivanka Trump’s Piss-Poor Pride Month Tweet Has Been Rightfully Shredded

What planet do you reckon Ivanka Trump comes from? One where your many enemies don’t lurk on the fringes of your social media accounts, waiting for you to make another misstep?
Or maybe one where she’s grown up so immaculately sheltered from reality that she could think putting this particular tweet out into the world was a good idea:

Oh, honey. No. 
Ivanka Trump, in case you need a li’l refresher, is the daughter of and advisor to the current President of the United States, Head Cheeto in Charge Donald Trump. 
The Old Carotene Smear doesn’t have a great track record with LGBTQI issues. He’s quietly introduced a number of measures that make life ever more difficult for marginalised people in America, his chosen Vice President thinks you can convert gay people with electro shock therapy – oh, and the avid Twitter user appears to have forgotten to acknowledge that Pride Month is going on at all. 
So yeah, people are… they’re not impressed with Trumpette‘s little message. 

Take a personal memo, Ivanka: here on Earth, people keep the receipts. 

Image: Chip Somodevilla / Getty.