Ivanka Trump Is Copping It For Her Fake-Ally BS After Trans Military Ban

Oooh, honey. You should have known something like this was coming. 
Remember Ivanka Trump‘s piss-poor Pride Month tweet back at the start of June? The one where the daughter of, and advisor to, the President of the United States, thought it would be a great idea to tweet the following:

…while apparently standing by as her dad went on stripping the hard-earned rights from the LGBTQI community?
Yeah, we remember it too. And so do many high-profile LGBTQI Americans, and their allies, who are appalled at Daddy Trump‘s blatantly discriminatory ban on trans people in the United States military.  
Now Ivanka is being subject to a particularly fine form of roasting – a well-researched, deeply angry roast that squarely takes aim at her so-called “influential” position in the White House.

All fair points. Ivanka Trump isn’t just the President’s daughter; both she and her husband occupy high-level staffer roles in the Trump administration. Saying that you support LGBTQI Americans, and then a month later allowing your dad – and boss – to trample their rights without so much as a peep – it’s poor form, and it doesn’t bode well for the rest of Ivanka’s time as a presidential advisor. 
Pick up your game, Ivanka. Hypocrisy is an ugly look.
Image: Sean Gallup / Getty.