Peter Dutton Just Announced A New Challenge On Malcolm Turnbull’s Leadership

Liberal MP Peter Dutton has publicly announced his intention to challenge Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the leadership of the party once again, two days after his first challenge was struck down in a party room vote.

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Taking to Twitter, the former cabinet minister said he believed the majority of the party room has lost its confidence in Turnbull. He said asked the PM to call another meeting to settle the issue… Again.

However, ABC reports Turnbull has declined Dutton’s request. Funny, that.

It’s yet to be seen if Dutton’s second challenge, if it actually comes to fruition in the party room, will secure a more successful result than his initial 48-35 defeat.

The news comes after reports Dutton’s camp circulated a petition last night asking Turnbull to call the meeting.

More to come.