Malcolm Turnbull’s Goose Looks Cooked As 3 Of His Senior Ministers Resign

Liberal senators Mathias Cormann, Mitch Fifield, and Michaelia Cash have announced they no longer have confidence in the continual leadership of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, that the party room feels the same, and that they support Peter Dutton‘s latest tilt at the top job.

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All three senators also announced they had tendered their resignations to Turnbull.

Despite saying Turnbull had his “loyal and unequivocal support all the way through,” Cormann just told reporters in Canberra that this week’s events have convinced them of the immediate need for a resolution to the ongoing leadership drama.

“I can’t ignore reality,” he said.

The statement represents a huge blow to Turnbull’s continual leadership. Cormann has long been hailed as a very influential powerbroker within the Liberal Party, and his defection from the PM suggests a much larger exodus towards Dutton’s camp is afoot.

The senators’ press conference comes after Dutton announced he asked Turnbull to call a party room meeting today in order to have another swing at the leadership, following his 48-35 loss in Tuesday’s initial leadership spill.

Folks, it’s not looking good for Turnbull. Not at all. Expect Turnbull to call that meeting ASAP, otherwise things could get even wilder.