Police At Rome Airport Blow Up Suitcase Containing Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts

The perks of being a cop are nearly limitless: free food from cafe staff who are scared you are accidentally going to arrest them; free reign to speed as much as you like on the highway; the knowledge that your fellow police will close ranks around you no matter how much you abuse your power; license to externalise the neuroses you got from being picked on in school as power trips on the poor and minority groups. The list goes on and on. But, as we all know, people really become cops for only one of those perks: the ability and opportunity to, at your discretion, explode a suitcase full of coconuts.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

Freelance journalist Ned Donovan documented the Italian police doing exactly this at Rome Airport on Monday, local time:


It’s unclear whose suitcase it was and why they decided that exploding it was the only course of action available to them, but explode it they did, with a crowd of onlookers enjoying the sights and sounds from a surprisingly short distance away:


Was this some sort of attempt at quashing a potential bomb threat? Did the person who decided to blow the bag up just really hate coconuts? Is it a crime to take a dozen coconuts with you on an international trip? There are so many questions to which we will likely never get answers.


The lesson? It’s probably definitely either ‘don’t try and smuggle coconuts’ or ‘blowing shit up is cool as hell’. One of those two.