Massive Drug Bust At Gatwick Airport Turned Out To Be Vegan Cake Mix


Police in the UK have been left with egg and probably also flour on their faces, after a “huge drug bust” at Gatwick airport uncovered a haul of vegan cake mix.

Per reports in the Guardian, a staff member from a vegan pizzeria was stopped at the train terminal while transporting a suitcase filled with blue bags containing white powder.

In all fairness, that’s suspicious as fuck, so it’s no surprise that this person was detained, but anyway, British Transport Police said of the incident:

“Officers were called to Gatwick airport station at 1.34pm on 28 August after a suitcase was found containing 25 bags of powder. Following a number of inquiries and tests, it was determined these bags of powder were cake ingredients for a vegan bakery.”

The Sussex branch of the BTP has since implored travelers to “please label your foods and bring samples of cakes next time you visit”, which again, seems reasonable, all things considered.

Staff from the pizzeria took to Twitter to respond: “Thanks for going easy on us guys! A slab of cake all round is in order when you’re next in Brighton.”