Home and Away‘s Isabel Lucas has been spotted protesting against a 5G tower in Byron Bay. She was there as a guest speaker against 5G, which she believes in not only killing our babies but our trees as well. And no, none of this is exaggerated.

Isabel Lucas has proved to be an individual with a very similar way of life to people like Pete Evans. She’s a COVID-19 conspiracy theorist, she’s proudly anti-5G, and she believes her healthy way of living will prevent her from getting COVID.

According to her Instagram, she’s also pro-choice. Pro-choice as in she believes everyone has the right to choose whether or not they get vaccinated. For a second I almost had hope there.

On Tuesday, she marched with a bevy of protesters against the proposed 5G tower in Byron Bay, with protesters holding up signs such as “Do you want to live in an airport scanner 24/7” and “We need bees more than 5G.”

Have a squiz at some of the piccies she shared from her time at the protest.

On social media, where Lucas is very much present, she stated about 5G:

“I feel more strongly about (this) than any issue I’ve felt called to campaign before.”

If you desire to go down a massive rabbit hole, Isabel Lucas currently has a ‘highlights’ set up on her Insta called “5G”, where she keeps everything she’s posted on the matter in one easily accessible space.

Really makes it easy for people like me to find out what on Earth is going on.

One of the highlights is this post here from April, which is pretty wild, and basically insinuates that her finally speaking out about 5G is just like when the women in the #MeToo movement spoke out against their oppressors.

No comments. No words. Just screams. Check it out.

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There is a topic right now, I feel more strongly about than any issue I’ve felt called to campaign on before. But the question I keep facing is, how do I express it while remaining in my heart, empowering myself and others? When I consider this topic, I feel an incredible urgency and deep concern – the emotions of fear and anger arise. When I speak from this place, I know it’s not responsible, it infects others with fear and anger. I’m seeking guidance on how to ‘be the change we want to see’ whilst also naming the wrongdoing, the elephant in the room. Akin to the #metoo movement, there was a necessity to name the wrong-doing so light was shed on the topic so then the necessary alterations could be made for respect and fairness to prevail. This is how I am feeling about 5g. My main questions are, why has 5g microwave radiation technology not tested as safe? Why are 3,240 medical doctors and 250 top EMF scientists around the world signing the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, (the numbers are growing every day) https://www.5gspaceappeal.org Why is there so many conflicting, misleading articles? Why was the telco testing done on a plastic dummy rather than a human? #wearenotsam @wearenotsam Why have we, the people, not been given the choice if we want this in our communities or not? And, why has it been proven that microwave radiation (EMF) is a powerful immune suppressant, harmful to humans, animals, plants – yet the telco companies are still installing the towers on top of schools, hospitals and near our homes, at prolific rate globally, whilst we are in lockdown? My research has shown me that fiberoptic hardwired cabling is the solution to our need for connectivity – unless independent 5g testing is proven safe. I am delighted and inspired to share that the Byron Shire in Australia is the first place to put a moratorium on a 5g tower upgrade. Along with Glastonbury, the Capital of the EU Brussels, Kalamata in Greece, amongst others. When the community uses it’s voice it is clear that — the power is with the people, not with the people in power. #fiberoptic #solution #safetech #criticalthinking #5g #no5g

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Just last week on Thursday 15th, Lucas made headlines for revealing that she opted out of a COVID-19 test while on the set of Bosch & Rockit in Byron Bay.

“My immune system has just become so solid from my way of life, how I live and eat and think,” she said on a podcast run by ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’ organisation Alfa Vedic.

You could truly write an entire book about all these antics that Isabel Lucas is a part of, but honestly, she’s probably writing it already.