Inventions That Need to Happen According To Bloggers In The Know

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We’re only a year off from living in the future (according to Doc Brown) and while there have been amazing advances in technology, there are still some inventions stuck on the drawing board. We asked the Tech/Media/Design finalists of our 2014 Blogster Awards, powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Intel, to tell us about the invention/design they would like to see created by the year 2024.


He is a ‘Selfie Smasher’, I hope that by 2024 the crime of Selfie’ing is so heinous that commissioned droids are sent out to smash anyone who thinks that the world needs to see their mug on a regular basis. VOTE

If you’ve used a smartphone then you know that the most annoying thing is seeing ‘Battery Running Low’ on your screen. Moments like these make you reminisce about the Nokia days when you could leave your phone unplugged for three days straight. A lot of us, me included, basically live on our phones. They have all methods for entertainment and even work. I can check my emails, reply to comments and write new posts. Except… I can’t do it for long. By the end of the day, my phone is dying. If I don’t charge it overnight, it’s done for. The end of 2014 is coming near. I don’t expect companies to go from <4000mAh to a billion but >4000mAh would be heaven.  Even if companies just care more about battery life instead of adding new features. I hope better battery life is invented soon! VOTE

We’re optimistic that 2024 will be the year of the teleportation machine. No more rubbing up on sweaty bodies on public transport, no more crying babies on long haul flights. Whether it’s commuting to work, or taking off on a spur of the moment getaway to the Bahamas, imagine being able to instantaneously travel to any destination your heart desires. Just don’t make the same mistake Bart Simpson did and check there aren’t any flies on your arm before you jump in. VOTE

I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes since 1979, when I was 12 years old. I face a life time risk of leg amputation, stroke, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure,  nerve damage throughout my body and a life shortened by 15yrs. I prick my finger up to 20 times each day, balancing the fine line between blood sugar that is too high or too low – both of which are dangerous to my immediate and long term health. Every activity of every day impacts my blood sugar. It is a silent condition and many people are never aware of the stress that goes on in the background of a person living with Type 1 Diabetes. I wear a needle under my skin with a pump attached 24/7, giving me life supporting insulin. Without it I would die within a short time. I have been told since 1979 that a cure for diabetes is just 20 years away…I am still waiting. People with diabetes have reduced wellbeing and double the rates of depression. I would like to see an artificial pancreas developed by 2024 meaning people with diabetes no longer need finger pricks, insulin injections or pumps and improving the quality of our lives. With 280 people per day being diagnosed in Australia alone with diabetes there is absolutely no question. Please make it! VOTE


The invention we would like to see created by the year 2024 is a retrospective headphone cable de-tangler. This might seem superficial when there is world hunger, poverty and global warming to worry about, but on a “things that annoy us more than they should” level, how much does it suck when you step out onto the street and reach into your bag for your iPod, only to find that the headphone cable has gnarled itself up into a labyrinth of knots? Especially when you’re running late to catch a bus. And yeah, before you get pedantic, we know there are inventions that prevent headphone cables from tangling in the first place but, seriously, who ever thinks to use them? No-one, that’s who. So, yes, could someone please invent a post-tangle solution? VOTE

I would love there to be ‘SPF Booths’ at every beach in Australia. Working on a similar concept to a spray tan booth, you put in $2 and are protected from head to toe! It would be especially helpful if you’re single like me and you don’t have someone to rub lotion on your back – plus it helps to protect against sun damage and keeps you healthy! What’s not to love! VOTE

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