We Want To Turn Your Internet Addiction Into IRL Glory

Produced in association with our mates at Intel and Microsoft.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year: that time when we open as many tabs as our browsers will accommodate and allow ourselves to get elbow deep in your archives; when we substitute food for feeds, emotion for emoji, and can justifiably conceive of our crippling Internet addiction as a worthwhile use of our time outside of office hours.
Yes, The 2014 Blogster Awards powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Intel Australia are back for their third year with David Jones also on board as our impossibly chic supporting partner, and together we’re getting primed to find YOU and celebrate your invaluable contribution to the rich tapestry of the Internet.
The valiant keyboard warriors we anoint as our winners across nine different categories (Music | Fashion | Food | Vlog | Instagram | Twitter | Photography | Tech, Media, Culture | Lifestyle) will each receive an incredibly powerful Microsoft Surface Pro 3 powered by Intel – the most versatile laptop replacement and blogging companion we’ve ever encountered – with the overall winner also receiving a Stateside holiday tailored to their interests both online and off. 
Submissions and nominations open Monday August 11th and will come to a close on Thursday August 28th, so if you’d like to FWD some good vibes in the direction of your favourite content creator or don’t hate the idea of shining a light on your passion project, HEAD HERE and you could find yourself in the same position as some of last year’s winners, including the 2013 Intel Blogger of the Year, Troye Sivan, who continues to go from strength-to-strength both online and IRL. His eponymous new EP and its lead single have both secured pole position on the iTunes chart in 21 countries (Australia and the States included) on the strength of pre-order sales (and his Blogster-lauded Vlog game) alone.

Enter now to rock your Surface Pro 3 in the USA.