Instagram Party Boy Dan Bilzerian Is Apparently Running For US President

In a story to file under ‘Great Ideas’, sub-category ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’, party bro Dan Bilzerian has thrown his swollen rig in the ring in the race for US President.
Per reports in Complex, the 34-year-old professional poker player and Instagram playboy king is hosting a pre-launch party for his campaign at NYC night club Marquee.
Gaze upon this poster, which is fairly close to attaining peak Dan Bilzerian:
There is a LOT we still don’t know about this – for example, any of Bilzerian’s policy platforms, or whether he is affiliated with any particular party in his run for office.
We’re assuming most of his policies will revolve around the right to keep and bear (ludicrously jacked) arms, and that come inauguration day, he’ll celebrate by tossing porn stars from the White House roof.

I don’t do country clubs and golf photocred: @gbaroth

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You must be at least 35 to be President of the United States, and Bilzerian will hit that milestone in December this year. Praying for you, America.

Photo: Kevin C Cox via Getty Images