WATCH: Denzel Washington Has A Very Particular Set Of Skills In ‘The Equalizer’ Trailer

It’s been a while since Denzel Washington has been allowed to bring out his innate Denzel-ness on the big screen. You know the one. The half-pout of disdain. Head tilted ever-so-slightly upwards. Dead eyes. But it’s here in spades in the trailer for The Equalizer.

In what feels like it was a rejected plot for Taken at one point (binned for owing a little too much to Taxi Driver, perhaps) Denzel is a dangerous man who inadvertently slays half of Russia, pissing off a Kevin Spacey lookalike in the process, in order to save the damsel in peril – a role filled in this instance by the freaking brilliant Chloe Moretz.
The film also stars Bill Pullman in some capacity, and mystifyingly includes internet attention grabber and two-time heart attack survivor Dan Bilzerian for some reason.
The Equalizer is out in September of this year.