Infamous Crow Brings Canadian Neighbourhood’s Mail Service To Its Knees

A beloved and somewhat famous crow in Vancouver, Canada, so tormented mailmen that delivery to three houses was stopped for about two months.
Locals, and his legion of fans, recognise Canuck the crow because of the red tag around his ankle. 
And we are not exaggerating when we say legion: Canuck has his own Facebook page, run by local man Shawn Bergman, which boasts over 60,000 likes, and hosts 2000 pictures of the crow, as shared by both Bergman and fans.  
Canuck was found as a hatchling who had fallen from his nest, and was then raised, fed and groomed by Bergman’s landlord’s son. He was released when he was strong enough to fly, but just never left the area, becoming a beacon of the community.
Bergman posted on Friday about Canuck’s relationship with the mailmen. When this all started, it was crow nesting season in Canada, so in the following story, Canuck is trying to defend his home.
Apparently, over a number of days, he bit mailmen until they bled every time they tried to deliver the mail to Bergman’s home and two adjacent properties. That is until Canada Post decided it wasn’t worth trying and suspended mail delivery to all three homes.

Bergman has since been trying to communicate with Canada Post about reinstating the mail run, keeping in mind the safety of both the mailmen and Canuck.

Canada Post’s Darcia Kmet explained to the BBC

Regular mail delivery was suspended to three homes due to it being unsafe for our employees. We are monitoring the situation when delivering the mail to other residents on the street. If our employees believe it is safe to deliver to those three addresses, they do so.”

Bergman was at first unsuccessful in his negotiations, receiving either no or dismissive replies from Canada Post, until yesterday, when all of a sudden mail delivery resumed.

But this altercation with Canada Post is not the first time that Canuck has gotten in trouble with authorities. In fact, Canuck has established himself worldwide as a troublemaker, allegedly becoming embroiled last year in a crime scene investigation. 
A man threatened Vancouver police with a knife in May 2016. The man was subdued and arrested, and the knife was put aside as evidence. But then a crow with a red tag like Canuck tried to swoop off with the knife, but was chased by police, so dropped it. 
That sounds like a very Canuck thing to do. He’s meddlesome, he is. Look at him meddling with a flower earlier this month:


Source: Mashable
Photos: Facebook.