Nick Cave To Pen ‘The Crow’ Remake

Contrary to appearances, Alex Proyas’ 1994 movie The Crow is not a biopic about the Cure’s Robert Smith during his leather phase but in fact an epic, visually stunning, ultra dark action-thriller that starred Bruce Lee’s kid Brandon Lee haunting the fuck out of every frame. There’s absolutely no reason to remake it because it’s genuinely excellent but nonetheless Stephen “Blade” Norrington is doing just that and Nick Cave has been enlisted to fulfill screenplay duties.

Remaking a movie like The Crow – one with a massive cult following that isn’t even very old – is like committing a crime against popculture (especially mega fan losers like me and my friend Barnes) BUT having said that, channeling the dark gritty vision of Nick Cave to bring it back to life is an inspired move.

The real question is who the hell is going to be responsible for replacing Brandon Lee in the titular role… If it’s Jared Leto I’m going to spew. Anyone got any good suggestions?

Via The Wrap