HSP Appreciation Society Puts Their Snack Packs Out To Honour Sam Dastyari

Australia is memorialising the resignation of Labor senator Sam Dastyari the only way it knows how: ridiculous hashtags.

Dastyari stood down after copping a flogging from both the Government and the Opposition over donations he accepted from a company with links to the Chinese government and their link to a stance he took on the South China Sea dispute, that was at odds with Labor’s position.
He probably did a bunch of things in his time I guess, but he was mostly famous for his deep and abiding love of the halal snack pack:
In the spirit of this, people took to #PutOutYourHSPs to, well, put out their HSPS:

The incredible institution that is the Halal Snackpack Appreciation Society paid similar respects to their fallen brother:
RIP Sam Dastyari, no longer on the frontbench but always a champion for one of the greatest foods known to man.
Photo: Facebook.